Gather Apron

We have a lot of aprons around here. There are some that are pretty, some for getting dirty, some that tell the stories of how we got to this moment, the clay and glazes of mishaps and failure, but not one of them was ever the "one." We need pockets and a towel ring, it doesn't matter if we are in the kitchen, floral workroom or wood shop. We also felt like getting dirty should always look good. Last, we wanted it to work for everyone, because we are big on sharing. After several versions, we created our first Gather Apron. Made of sturdy canvas, genuine leather straps for a long life, plenty of pockets and a ring for a hand towel, we feel this is a new classic. We use them everyday around here and sold out of our entire first batch before they came in. We are pre-ordering for 6-27-18 ship date.

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