About us

Based in the rural Santa Ynez Valley, home to wild oaks, rolling vineyards and the salty Pacific Ocean fog, Gather & Serve creates handmade artisan ceramics inspired by California living.  Born out of a desire to savor life’s small moments and a belief that the best things come from sharing a meal, Gather & Serve brings together heirloom quality ceramics that can stand up to the tests of everyday use, the hands of little helpers and the limits of your imagination.   

We believe in the power of home, durable pieces, makeshift tables and in the gift of sharing a good meal.  Gather & Serve pieces are designed to be beautiful kitchen staples that carry both meals and memories.  From the gentle waves of our Monterey collection to the origami folds of the Tiburon vase, we bring the gifts of our family to yours.  We can’t wait to share our ceramics, events and recipes with you.  

Welcome to Gather & Serve.  There’s always a place for you at our table.