Spring Sage bundle


*Limited edition sage bundle available for pre-order*

Our petite Calistoga Tray is bundled with  smudge sticks made by Native American artisans from Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde located in Oregon. Carol is a steward of the earth and all of the smudge stick materials are grown by her or harvested respectfully from the earth using organic and sustainable farming methods. They are beautifully bundled with sage, rose, lavender and cedar.  

This is a perfect season to be 'clearing the air' in our minds and homes. Our bundle is a great gift for a house warming or if a friend is struggling at home. I have been sending them to friends with little "love notes" of encouragement, quotes, affirmations and prayers. My kids love burning it in the house, my daughter especially loves helping with this ritual. 

The bundles options include:

Rose Quartz represents joy, warmth and unconditional love. Perfect for bring love and encouraging small acts of kindness around your home.

Selenite Crystals represent that brings clearing and clarity energy to a space or person. It can be helpful when you just feel stuck or tired. The meaning of the name Selenite comes from the Greek word meaning "moon."

*Note: Do not wet Selenite crystals, they may dissolve in water. 


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